Grass-Fed Whey Protein


Our isolate begins with the highest quality whey protein - from grass-fed cows in lush pastures. Whereas some proteins blast you with 50g/serving, we need just 20g. Why? Because with our incredibly high-quality protein, bioavailable leucine, and proteolytic enzymes that's all you need to activate muscle synthesis. Lastly, healthy should also mean happy. That's why we made taste a priority. So whether you're enjoying a post-workout protein shake or a freshly baked treat with our powder, you will love it!!!

• Supports Metabolic Rate During Fat Loss
• Decreased Cravings Through Satiety Signaling
• Enables Maximal Lean Muscle Building

Our Protein is:

• Grass-Fed
• Cold Filtered
• No Hormones
• No Antibiotics
• No Artificial Junk
• No Gluten
• Minimal Carbs & Fat
• Virtually Lactose Free
• Delicious Taste

Highest Quality Protein
Our protein isolate begins with the highest quality whey protein - from grass-fed cows in lush, French pastures (moo-la-la). These French terroirs and landscapes are designed for animal well-being and to enable the production of high-quality milk proteins. With 90% of these farms owned and/or operated by families, we continue the tradition of a humanely sized farm with on average a 60-cow herd.

Cold Filtration Method
Using our cold filtration method that we've been refining for over 15 years, we're able to extract our protein directly from milk with minimal processing. This technology preserves the whole protein, allowing us to deliver a more complete, raw, and nutritious form of protein than found elsewhere.
This is essential for people who want to optimize their nutritional and functional goals because they can determine the level of protein they take by serving size, minimizing the intake of other macronutrients, like carbs and fats.